Building a website for your business is an excellent way of generating leads and increasing sales for a Gutter service business. More and more people are using the internet when searching for somebody to carry out their guttering or fascias work rather than using traditional directories such as the yellow pages, hence the importance of having a strong online presence.

Site Structure

To allow the user to easily navigate around the site you should consider the following structure:

  • Homepage – introduction to the business, overview of areas covered and teasers for each of your services with links to view more info.
  • Guttering – information about your Guttering service, including prices if possible.
  • Fascias – information about any fascias work you can carry out, again, including prices if possible.
  • Exterior Painting – details of any exterior painting you can carry out, including surfaces you can paint.
  • Roof repairs – information of any roof repair services you provide, including prices if available.
  • Contact – contact details including telephone number and contact form.

It is best to have a specific page for each of your rain gutter installation services but if you are struggling to write enough content you may wish to put details of all of your services on a single page. Remember to include images where possible to demonstrate the quality of your work, either by taking photographs of completed work or by using stock images.

Ask Your Customers For Testimonials

Get 3 or 4 testimonials from previous customers to show that you can be trusted to do a good job. You may want to place your customer testimonials on a single place or as a aide block on each web-page.

Allow Customers To Request A Detailed Quote

Provide users with a contact form that will allow them to easily submit an inquiry to you so they can request a quote for their work or simply get in touch if they have any questions about any of your services. The contact form should ask for the users name, contact number, email address and provide them with a text area to input their message. Be sure to provide the user with feedback so they know the form was successfully submitted – either by redirecting them to a “thank you” page or using a message box.

Set Up A Google Business Place

Create a listing for your business in Google’s local business center to help generate traffic to your website. You need to add as much information as possible including photos, services, description, operating hours and of course, website address. When adding information to your business page try to include as many keywords as possible as this will increase the chance of potential customers finding your page when searching for guttering or fascias in your area.

Optimizing For Search Engines

SEO will help drive traffic to your website by obtaining click-through’s from organic searches. You should use on-page SEO techniques such as using relevant page titles and heading tags as well as off-page techniques including link-building and blogging.

Promote your website using Social Media

You can use social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to your website. Create a twitter account which can be embedded on your website and use it to create a group of followers who you can target with regular tweets promoting your services. You can connect your twitter account to your Facebook account so tweets are automatically posted on your Facebook profile. Creating a Facebook page would be useful and you can customize the page by adding photos of your work, adding you logo and cresting custom tables describing your services.

Use Pay-Per-Click to Generate Traffic Quickly

Pay-Per-Click is an excellent way of generating traffic to your site whence first goes live (before any search engine optimization has time to take effect). You can filter your ad to only be listed when users search for your services to help you drive relevant traffic to your site. Pay-per-click ads usually appear at the top and right of search engine result pages.

When linking back to your site from outside sources use keywords that have commercial intent. That means that when a person is searching for your service their intent is to hire a professional. If the keywords being typed in are fairly general,  it usually means they are researching the subject. When the keywords include terms like service, install, contractor, company, and so on they are probably ready to hire a contractor. Here is a commercial intent good keyword example of that principle. Use the keyword gutter installers Vancouver as anchor text in a sentence of the article used to drive traffic back to your business website. This type of link is referred to as “in context” meaning it is embedded in the content of an article.